S. C. Van Fonden distributes in total DKK  4-5 million in grants each year.

Examples of culture project grants:

Project title Recipient Year
Publication of 100 poems by Hanshan Forlaget Hoff & Poulsen 2020
Performing arts exchange DK-CN Det frie felts festival 2020
Staged reading: Rooftop terrace Jimbuts Kulturforening 2020
Niels Bohr about quantum physics and Chinese philosopky Danish  Culture Institute, Beijing 2020
Magazine: Young Chinese Contemporary Artists TOFU 2022
Tre digtere, 3 årtier – nedslag i kinesisk lyrik Forlaget Korridor 2021
Chinese Translation of:” A Comprehensive Grammar of Danish” Tianwang Jinjian 2021
Facilitation of  play methods to Chinese kindergarden teachers Learn for Life 2022
Jazz workshop in Beijing Jazz Danmark 2020
Magasinet Danmark-Kina Foreningen Danmark-Kina 2021
Kinabladet Dansk-Kinesisk Forening 2021
Solo Exhibition Farum Kulturhus Tong Wang 2022
Translation of Chinese writer Dongxi Forlaget Sand og Jern 2020
Performance: “Imperiets tropper” Fix & Foxy 2021
Purchase of works of young Chinese Artists Louisiana-Fonden 2022
Publication: “Danes in Tianjin, China 1860-1912” Syddansk Universitetsforlag 2021
International symposium on Jin Ping Mei Forlaget Vandkunsten 2021
Purchase of “Nova” by Cao Fei Aros 2021
Exhibition: Sisters Holding Half the Sky Simone Åberg Kærn 2019
Publication: “Marv” af Yan Lianke Forlaget Epilog 2021
Publication: Antologi om Taiwan Forlaget Frydenlund 2021
Soloexhibition with Chinese artist Lu Yang Kunstmuseet Aros 2021
Soloexhibition with Yi Ten Lai Fernandez TOFU 2022
Exhibition with artist “Wu Tsang” Copenhagen Contemporary 2019
Translation of Confucius’ Analects Forlaget Multivers 2020
Permanent exhibition with an increased focus on DK-CN relations Museet for Søfart, Helsingør 2020
Never Ending Shanghai Signe Bisgaard 2019