S.C. Van Fonden was founded in 1982 by the founder of Daloon A/S. The name of the foundation was Daloon Fonden from 1982 until the founder died in February of 2003. Subsequently, the name of the foundation was changed to S. C. Van Fonden.

Read the full story in Chinese in a book written by Ditlev Tamm.

About Sai-Chiu Van:

1912:      Sai-Chiu is born in Hangzhou, China
1935:      Travels to Denmark
1937:      Agronomist from the Agricultural College (with honours)
1940:      Employed in the pharmaceutical industry
1946:      Licentiate (now Ph.D.) in micro biology from the Agricultural College (now KVL)
1949:      Manager of the Microbiological Laboratory at Medicinalco (now Dumex)
1952:      Achieved Danish citizenship
1960:      Becomes the first person to manufacture spring rolls in Denmark
1964:      Production is expanded and moved to larger premises in Copenhagen
1970:      Inauguration of a new, large factory in Nyborg
1982:      Daloon Fonden is founded
1983:      An additional factory in Rudkøbing is inaugurated
1984:      A newly built factory in Newark, England is taken into use
1991:      The production capacity in Nyborg is doubled
1982:      Generationsskifte i Daloon A/S.
1992:      Generational change in Daloon A/S. S. C. Van continues as a member of the Company’s board
2003:      S. C. Van passed away and the name of the foundation changed to S. C. Van Fonden