Here you can read about what the S. C. Van Fonden supports:

Individuals of primarily Chinese origin who reside or temporarily stay in Denmark in order to accomplish a higher education (documented matriculation as Master-, Ph.D. student or similar degree). “Chinese origin” includes individuals born in Denmark or in East Asian countries to Chinese parents. S. C. Van Fonden may not support mercantile studies, residence or sojourn with commercial aims.

Danish citizens’ studies in and scientific relations with China (Hong Kong and Macau exempt). S. C. Van Fonden may not support mercantile studies, residence or sojourn with commercial aims.

Promotion of art and culture relating to both China and Denmark.


Here you can read more about the application process and the requirements:

  • The application must be written in Danish or English.
  • The application must be submitted in five identical copies by letter. Personal delivery and email applications are not accepted.
  • The applicant must fill out the application scheme from the S.C. Van Fonden homepage and print this (appears as a PDF file when you press send).

The applicant must include a filled out application scheme from the S. C. Van Fonden homepage and it must be submitted by post with the following:

  • Letter of motivation (1-2 A4 pages).
  • CV.
  • Copies of relevant diplomas and recommendations from a Danish or Chinese institute of higher education.
  • Documented acceptance by the Danish or the Chinese institution of the applicant as a student/scientist.
  • A sufficiently detailed budget. The budget must contain all expected expenses and income together with information concerning applications to other foundations, granted contributions, and information regarding any other kind of financial support (public or private) from Denmark and/or China. Specify if support for the same project has been applied from other foundations and if replies has been given.
  • Specific to Ph.D. applications: Support is only given for 12 months and preferably for the third year of the Ph.D. study. If financial support is sought for the first or second year of the Ph.D. study, confirmation is required regarding financial support from other sources for the remainder of the period of study.

Please note

  • That the S. C. Van Fonden allocates in total DKK 3 – 4 million for projects and support each year.
  • S.C. Van Fonden does not support projects in category 03 that has begun or has ended when the board reviews the applications.
  • Successful applicants are expected to send a written report of the accomplishment of the project.
  • The S. C. Van Fonden cannot undertake to help with applications for entry visa and residence permit or payment of traveling expenses to Denmark.
  • A grant will be repealed if it has not been used during the calendar year for which it was granted or, subject to written notice in advance, during the following year.
  • The S. C. Van Fonden may not support mercantile studies, residence or sojourn with commercial aims.
  • The S. C. Van Fonden rarely supports Internships.
  • The S.C. Van Fonden rarely supports applications from students at bachelor level.
  • The duration of financial support does not normally exceed one year.

REMEMBER the S.C. Van Funds logo

  • Be sure to credit the S. C. Van Fund and use the funds logo when publicising and presenting your project.
Deadlines for Applications


Application reviews are held in the months of MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER.


· 15th of FEBRUARY
· 15th of MAY
· 15th of AUGUST
· 15th of NOVEMBER

Applications must be submitted in five identical copies by letter to:

S. C. Van Fonden

Farvergade 27 
DK-1463 København K

Applications received after the ordinary deadlines will not be considered until next meeting and only if the project, for which the application is about, has not ended or ends very soon after the next board meeting takes place. We recommend that you send your application well in advance.


A reply may normally be expected by email within the month following the board meeting – ie. APRIL, JULY, OCTOBER and JANUARY.

Detailed grounds for refusal will not be given. Please note that neither applications nor supporting documents are returned.